My computer won't start up.



There can be a couple of issues that can cause this. If you get absolutely nothing when you push the button, make sure the power plug is plugged in tightly and make sure it is plugged into an active outlet. I know this sounds simplistic, but sometimes it is the simple things that trip us up.If all of this is OK, then chances are you need a new computer power supply.

If it tries to start up (you have power) but you get nothing, check the following:

      Is your monitor on and functioning?

      Are the cords from the monitor to the computer tight?

      Do you hear the computer running (the hum it makes when it is running)?

If the answer to all of these is yes, then chances are your monitor is no longer working.

If your monitor is working, here are other possibilities as to why your computer won't boot up:

      The video card or RAM is bad (you will usually hear three short beeps as the computer starts up).

      The motherboard in the computer is bad.

      The hard drive is bad (your computer will usually boot as far as the initial splash screen, then nothing).

      You have a serious software problem (virus or a bad boot sector).

These are all problems I can help you with. All of these parts can be replaced at a much cheaper rate then buying a whole new computer. However, if your computer is more than 6 or 7 years old, you may be better off to purchase a new one. As computers get older, the parts for them become more scarce and therefore more expensive. And do you really want to put more money into a computer that is technologically a dinosaur? Computer prices are coming down and technology is moving so fast that while it may be cost affective right now to fix an older model, you may be better off upgrading your whole system.


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